Visiting Dr. Fritz

The spirit Dr. Fritz is possibly one of the most directly present and personally available spirit entities in today’s world and represents a truly exceptional phenomenon. Everybody can come and meet him. Neither is he shielded by the volunteers around him nor does he sit on an elevated chair – he simply is with the people.

Multitudes come to Dr. Fritz – the doctor spirit, who works through the man Kleber Aran – for many different reasons. The majority seek treatment and cure of their physical, mental & emotional conditions and for some of them Dr. Fritz seems the last resort. Others come to reinforce their faith or as part of their spiritual journey.

No matter whether health seeker, explorer, scientific investigator, doubter or critic, everybody is welcome to experience Dr. Fritz themselves.

Everybody can travel to Dr. Fritz on their own, no guide is needed. However, it is recommended to have some fluency in Brazilian Portuguese or someone who translates for you, as English is rarely spoken in Brazil and at Dr. Fritz’s centre. Out of the 20 to 30 volunteers, who help out at Dr. Fritz’s centre, one or two might speak some basic English but hardly enough for a conversation or to explain what you want and need to know. Once Dr. Fritz has incorporated in medium Aran you can try to speak in your native language with him. It is very likely that he will understand what you will say to him. However, in order to understand everything before that and thereafter, and generally during your stay in Brazil, Portuguese language skills are highly recommended.

You can look up the forthcoming treatment dates on the page When & Where. Sometimes, the treatment days are only made public two weeks before the service takes place. Feel free to contact me if you are in doubt about certain treatment days. Also, please make sure to read the page Important Travel Advice before your start your journey.

More details about the spiritual treatment and surgeries, which are completely free of charge, can be found on the page Treatment & Surgeries.

If you would like me – Johannes, the author of this website – to assist you with your visit to Dr. Fritz and your stay in Brazil, please contact me.

Details about visiting Dr. Fritz

Please note: If you visit Dr. Fritz for health reasons and you undergo medical treatment, please continue with your treatment as prescribed by your doctor or health professional. Dr. Fritz’s work is complementary and will not interfere with your medical treatment.

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If you are looking for help and travel assistance, simply view the page Travel assistance & Help.